Rogue Legacy 2: Swan Song Update Adds Three New Challenging Game Modes

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It's kind of bittersweet for Rogue Legacy 2 fans because the game has received its final content update, aptly named Swan Song. This patch brought tons of new content, but the major highlight is the three special game modes specially made for veteran players.

New Game Modes

The first new game mode is called True Rogue. Here, players will attempt to conquer the Kingdom with a random Contrarian Class. They will start in a random biome and will get teleported to another random biome every time they defeat a boss. On top of that, this mode must be completed in one sitting. Thus, the biomes are shorter while holding more Relic Rooms and Curio Shoppes.

The second one is an oldie but a goodie, particularly for those who have played the original game. Thanotophobia was the hardest achievement in Rogue Legacy and it's now been brought to the sequel as a new game mode, where players only have 15 lives to complete the campaign. That's not all! They can only play each class once, so if their favorite class is already used, they have to do their best with the ones left on the roster.

The third and final game mode of the bunch is known as "Thana-two-phobia." The RL2 dev team admitted that the sequel is far more forgiving than the original. That's why, they made Thana-two-phobia to keep some of the things that made RL a classic for roguelike fans. In this game mode, the rules are the same as Thanotophobia, except that enemy and boss Burdens are applied, resulting in a more challenging experience. Don't worry! To help players go through the campaign, all Fabled Weapons are unlocked.

New Special Game Modes Steam



  • Weapon Curio Shoppe
  • Now that we have the complete set of Fabled Weapons and basic Weapons, we're removing the odds modifier.
    • Removed the 2x chance for Fabled Weapons to appear in the Curio Shoppe.
  • Cave Journal Entries (Missing)
  • Added a Cave journal entry that we forgot to link up. Oops! If you've found all the Cave Journal entries already, this one will automatically be marked as discovered for you.


  • Added a memorial.
  • The animation that plays when obtaining a special item such as a Relic, Blueprint, new Ability, or Empathy, can now be skipped.
  • Improved performance of the player death tally sequence.
  • Improved a number of cape animations.
  • Main menu no longer constraints mouse cursor.
  • Zoom level of the map in the Pause menu is now preserved until a new map is loaded.
  • Shrunk the size of the trigger box for Boss Chests.
  • Added DualShock 4 and DualSense lightbar support. The gamepad will light up different colors depending on the character's Class and Traits.
  • Added a small gamepad rumble when the Bow or Ballista enter their crit window.
  • Entering a Journal room when all the journals are already read now immediately marks the room as complete rather than requiring the player to read the journal first.
  • Failing a Challenge now restarts the Challenge rather than returning you to the Drift House.

Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song update is currently only available on PC. It will be launched on Xbox and Nintendo Switch in a few weeks.

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