Rogue Legacy 2: Patch v1.0.3 Brings New Tweaks to Tubal Boss Fight

Patch v1.0.3
Patch v1.0.3 Twitter/@CellarDoorGames

After a short hiatus, the developers of Rogue Legacy 2 released Patch v1.0.3, which implemented various improvements and changes to the game.

One of the changes in Patch v1.0.3 is for the Estuary Tubal boss fight, specifically his minions. According to the devs, most players would rely on damage over time abilities because it takes about five hits to kill the enemy. To encourage players to prioritize taking these enemies out, Tubal’s minions now only require one hit to kill. However, the "Invulnerability Spawn Shield" is up to 11 seconds from the previous seven.

In addition, the dev team increased the anti-aggro window for all enemies. This gives Rogue Legacy 2 players a bit more time to read the room and study its layout before enemies begin to attack. This change applies to summoned enemies as well.


  • Irad’s Puzzle (QoL): This caused too many false bug reports, so we removed the “misleading” memories and journal entries in the false room to reduce confusion.
  • Bard
    • Properly labeled Bard as Average Health instead of Low Health.
  • Ronin
    • Striking a Bouncy Spike with Immortal Kotetsu no longer causes the player to ricochet
  • Traitor's Ax, Teleslice, and Scythe attack now have warning indicators when performed offscreen.
  • Flame Bellow can no longer be attack-canceled to prevent rapid attack exploits. Spin Kick canceling still works though.
  • Diogenese Bargain
    • Diogenese’s max XP bonus cap was including all XP bonuses gained, including the ones from the XP gained in the Skill Tree (Trophy Room), lowering the amount of XP you could get from this Relic more than intended. This has now been fixed.
  • Icarus’ Bargain
    • Added a new effect while you fly! This effect will trigger all forms of flight such as Icarus’ Bargain and House Rules.
  • Sawblade Hazards
    • NEW: Sawblades now have a warning indicator for when they’re going to come back up.
    • Sawblades now stay retracted for a slightly longer time.
    • Pearl Key platform sequence in the Cave was modified to make it slightly easier.
  • Using SuperFluid while Dual Button Dash is enabled and Mouse aim movement is disabled now dashes the player in the direction of the shoulder button pressed.
  • At the end of the game, if you enter the Manor via the Pizza Girl's shortcut and then return to the Title Screen, the game will now load immediately back into the Manor instead of Citadel Agartha to fix an exploit where players could avoid Charon's toll indefinitely.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Rogue Legacy 2 Patch v1.0.3 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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