Rogue Legacy 2: Major Changes to Mage and Gunslinger Implemented in Patch v1.0.2

Rogue Legacy 2
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The action-platformer Rogue Legacy 2 has received a new update that implements some major changes to certain classes, especially the Mage and Gunslinger. Patch v1.0.2 also adds quality-of-life improvements to some biomes.

According to the developers, the Mage is the number one DPS class in Rogue Legacy 2. However, this class has a very steep learning curve, which is why most players turn to other classes. So, the dev team made some balancing changes to make the Mage class more appealing, even to beginners.

In Patch v1.0.2, the Mage’s Siphon passive now triggers Mana Burn on spin kicks, not just on weapon attacks. Additionally, Wand of Blasting now applies SpellBreak (Magic Break) to enemies struck by the explosion.

Aside from that, the Gunslinger has received a slight redesign to Makeshift Explosive. When used, this talent now has a guaranteed second explosion after a short delay. Both explosions not only deal damage but can also destroy projectiles and generate bonus mana. What’s more, the magic damage scaling of this talent is increased to 165%, which effectively buffs the double hit damage to 330% as well.

Select biomes received QoL improvements in this update. First, the Sun Tower now grants a 20% increase in gold gain to players who traverse the tower. Besides that, the Windmills’ hitboxes are now updated to make them easier to dodge or hit with a spin kick.

Second, the Sun Lanterns in the Pishon Dry Lake have their light radius increased by 6%. Furthermore, the light radius without the Sun Lantern has been increased by 8%, meaning that this biome’s graphical elements are now naturally brighter than before.


  • General Rooms
    • Removed the ceiling spikes on those “spike death hall rooms”
  • Fairy Rooms
    • Updated one of the Fairy challenges to remove the timer, and add more explicit rules as to what the player needs to do
  • Katana
    • No longer destroys breakable props or platforms the player is standing on when attacking upward. The blade SHOULD still strike inside the player (for people playing with No Contact, or are running a Boxer)
Dragon Lancer
  • Lance
    • Dash charge time reduced to 0.50 seconds
  • Lute
    • Note Explosions (from spin kicks) will now apply Status Effects like Amaterasu’s Sun
  • Implemented Right stick functionality to all shops. Right stick can now move the scroll bar up and down so that you can view entries in the shop without needing to select them
  • Added Limit Max FPS option in the Graphics Settings

The full changelog for Rogue Legacy 2 Patch v1.0.2 can be found on Steam.

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