Rogue Legacy 2: Patch v1.0.1 Resolves Flicking Issue on Gamepads and Improves Dragon Lancer

Patch v1.0.1
Patch v1.0.1 Twitter/@CellarDoorGames

Rogue Legacy 2, the action platformer developed by Cellar Door Games, has been fully released not long ago. Now, the developers turn their attention to improving some of the game’s aspects, such as fixing the “stick flick” problem and implementing balancing adjustments to the Dragon Lancer and some relics.

Flicking Issue

According to the developers, there are two types of players when it comes to managing gamepad inputs: “Easers” and “Flickers.” The former are those who keep their thumb on the stick most of the time but will gradually loosen the pressure to bring it back to neutral. The latter are players who remove their thumbs from the stick completely, snapping the joystick back to its neutral position immediately.

That said, there’s an issue with flicking where the joystick doesn’t immediately snap back to neutral, but will instead bounce slightly in the opposite direction before going back to default. The problem with this is that the snap-back can be extremely high, especially for joysticks that have become loose over time. This causes players to turn randomly in any direction.

To solve this, the dev team implemented a new “Flick Stick Check” that prevents players from randomly turning. Furthermore, the default deadzone for gamepad inputs has also been raised to 0.4.

Dragon Lancer Buff

The Dragon Lancer got a minor remake in Patch v1.0.1. Now, Blast Back knocks enemies further away, allowing players to perform dash attacks more often. Not only that, but the attack’s exit duration has also been reduced slightly.

Bastion has been improved as well. This Dragon Lancer's unique talent has its projectile block size increased from mid-sized projectiles to large projectiles. Additionally, its cooldown timer has been raised to six hits instead of five, which means that players can block one more projectile before it goes on cooldown.

Patch Highlights

  • Aite’s Trial
    • Damage increased to +150%
  • Hermes’ Boots
    • Rarity lowered to common
    • Resolve cost lowered to 25
  • Icarus Wing’s Bargain
    • Damage taken modifier reduced to +75%
QoL Changes
  • Rage Tincture
    • Now displays an icon when you trigger the damage bonus
  • Incandescent Telescope
    • A range indicator now appears to show how far you need to be to trigger the damage bonus
    • Now displays an icon when you trigger the damage bonus
  • Vertigo has been removed following community feedback
  • FND (Functional Neurological Disorder)
    • Disarm duration on hit reduced to 2 seconds
  • Crippling Intellect
    • Health reduction reduced to -50%
    • Mana reduction removed
  • Added OpenGL graphics API to temporarily address frequent crashing
  • Improved visibility on Player's poison cloud effects
  • Added a bounce indicator to the Axe Knight's projectile

The full patch notes can be found on Rogue Legacy 2’s official Steam page.

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