'Rocket League' Toy Cars: 12 Pull-Back Racers Coming This Spring

Rocket League is coming off the screen and into the palm of your hand Psyonix

Rocket League is fun to play on PC or consoles, and soon it will be fun to play in the real world as well. A new line of pull-back toy cars have been announced, made to look like some of the iconic vehicles from Rocket League.

The 8 classic Rocket League toy designs Photo: Psyonix

Coming from Zag Toys, there will be eight classic designs as well as four limited variants, each packed inside a Rocket Ball. The classic designs include Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc and Backfire. The four limited designs haven’t been announced yet. It also sounds like there could be another wave of designs planned for the future, as the announcement mentions these are the “first dozen” toys.

Additionally, the Rocket League toys will also have an impact on your in-game style as well. Some of the toys will come packaged with a code that can be redeemed for a special Rocket Tail and Wheel.

The release date for the toys hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but they should be hitting store shelves in the next few months.

So what do you think? Are you interested in playing Rocket League with toys? What other designs would you like to see available? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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