Riot Announced Valorant Mobile Plan

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Valorant is already a year old and it is still gaining popularity every day. With that said, developer Riot Games may port their tactical shooting game to mobile devices in the future.

Just when fans are busy speculating the identity of Agent 16, executive producer Anna Donlon divulged some details about the company’s plan to port their latest IP to mobile platforms.

According to Donlon, developers have made a checklist of questions asking themselves how the core of the game could be accomplished on mobile devices.

Donlon said that if anything on that checklist is not met or could not be done, then the devs may just scrap the project entirely. She also added that they just do not want to release a mobile port of the game, but rather they want to provide fans a version of Valorant that truly gives a unique mobile experience.

In an interview, the notion itself has been met with a lot of skepticism. Although the company’s tactical shooter could be made available to smartphones or tablets, the devs know that the needs of mobile players are different from PC players.

Although Donlon didn’t disclose any specifics, she did mention that the game won’t affect the PC version in any way. She said: “The same way that we’re not going to deliver a subpar mobile experience for mobile players, we’re not going to compromise the PC experience either.”

When asked about a possible console port, Riot has it in its plan moving forward but creating a mobile experience first seems more reasonable. She also added that it is not easy making this game available to consoles, especially if they want to maintain a certain level of competitive integrity.

Donlon ended by saying that she will not confirm any specific dates but hopes that they can give a more definitive plan in a year or two.

With the success of Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile, it just makes sense for Riot Games to jump into that action.

If the mobile version of Valorant will come into existence within the next two years, what would your reaction be?

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