Valorant: What We Know About Agent 16, Codename "Grenadier"

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Valorant’s last major update was Patch 2.09. Developer Riot Games have opted to delay the implementation of Patch 2.10 because of major changes to the game’s engine, so we will be seeing a hefty update sometime in June.

When Patch 2.09 was dropped, data miners found something interesting and it may be a clue to the identity of the next agent coming to the roster.

Who is Agent 16?

User and content creator @ValorLeaks, known for a good track record of game info leaks, tweeted almost a month ago that the new agent’s codename is “Grenadier.” This was echoed by another Valorant leaker, @Shiick.

Data miners discovered details that the new agent might use heavy weapons, including high-explosive grenades and the likes.

People who commented on the @ValorLeaks thread expressed their sentiments. One user commented that they do not want another Raze (they called it Raze 2.0).

Other users have speculated that it will likely be a Sentinel-type character since there have been two new duelists and initiators, which were introduced since the game’s inception.

While it is interesting to consider that the new agent could potentially be a hard-hitter, you should not jump to conclusions yet.

If you can recall, Astra’s data-mined codename was “Pain au raison”, which translates to “Raisin Bread” in French. The codename for Agent 16 might be a misdirection by developers so that you will have no clue as to which new role he/she will fit.

Even though another damage dealer would be a nice addition to the game, the Sentinel-type class would be more appropriate. Such characters would focus more on utility and helping teammates rather than dishing out raw damage.

If it could be someone that can complement Sage’s kit, then it would be an interesting addition to the roster.

Keep in mind that all information mentioned was data mined from prominent leakers. Until Riot Games makes an official announcement, we will not know for sure what this new agent is going to bring to the table.

It is also likely that the new agent will be released once Patch 2.11 comes in June, though this is just speculation at this point.

What do you think Agent 16’s role will be once they’re officially introduced?

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