Ring of Titans: New Spells for Volen and Anthriel Introduced in Patch v0.2.3

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Developers keep on improving Ring of Titans with every new update. The same thing can be said with the newly released Patch v0.2.3, which brings new spells for Volen and Anthriel, and new features and gameplay improvements.

One of the new features implemented in Ring of Titans is the ability to queue for multiple brackets at the same time. This is a great new feature, especially if it takes you a lot of time to get into a match in a particular bracket, such as 2v2.

While you can queue for multiple brackets at once now, the 3v3 bracket no longer supports queueing as a team. So, you cannot form a party of three members and queue for this bracket anymore. This has effectively been replaced with a 3v3 solo queue.

Some titans have new spells to play with. Anthriel has Mace Swing - an instant cast melee swing that deals damage and has no cooldown. Volen has the new spell called Shank. This adds one combo point, deals damage, and can slow enemies down by 65% for five seconds. This reduces the enemy’s healing taken by 25% for six seconds as well.


  • Grouped solo queue teams in 3v3 will now always have exactly one healer
  • Grouped solo queue teams in 2v2 and 3v3 will no longer allow multiple of the same Titan
  • Removed the "X in queue" text on queues and replaced it with an ETA (e.g. ETA <1 min)
    • There was always confusion around what the number meant, and I think an ETA is more valuable
    • The ETA is based on how long it took for recent players to find a match
  • Added an option in UI settings to lock action bars
  • Fixed an issue with earning Obols
  • Fixed an issue where targets could still be stunned with Corporeal Protection on
  • Fixed an issue where Virtuous Bonding could be cast while stunned or incapacitated
  • Holy Strike cooldown has been reduced to 7 seconds (down from 10 seconds)
  • Righteous Cleansing damage has been increased to 25 (up from 16)
  • Shadow strike no longer has a slow
  • Shadow strike no longer has a healing reduction

Ring of Titans Patch v0.2.3 is available on PC.

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