Ring of Titans: Patch v0.2.1 Introduces Anthriel and Adjustments to the Rating System

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Ring of Titans is a game solely focused on PvP. While it is still in Early Access, the developers are introducing tons of new content regularly. That said, Patch v0.2.1 was released a couple of days ago that introduced the new healing-focused Titan, Anthriel. A new winter-themed arena map has also been added to the rotation.

Patch v0.2.1 for Ring of Titans included some notable adjustments to the matchmaking rating (MMR) as well. Now, you should no longer lose a lot of points when facing a higher-ranked team. Furthermore, when queuing as a party, the MMR of the highest-rated member will be used for calculation. Another significant change is that you can now invite new members to your party even though they’re not part of your Steam friends’ list. All you have to do is find them in the game’s lobby, right-click on them, and send them an invite.

For general changes, the timer for diminishing returns has been increased to 18 seconds. The HP of all Titans has also been reduced by roughly 5% across the board.


  • The shop now has many additional cosmetics to buy with Obols, including cloaks, hats, mounts, and titles
  • MMR Changes
    • Mid-high rated teams should no longer be disincentivized from playing each other, even if they go 50/50
  • You can now scale up nameplates and unit frames to 2x
  • There is now a timer on the UI whenever you are in an arena match, which can help you time things like eye/dampening.
  • Chat inside of an arena is now only sent to your teammates
    • There's now currently no way to chat with the opponent, but there are plans to add that back longer term
  • Fixed an issue on the server causing some instability. Hoping for far fewer disconnects now
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Target Next Enemy" functionality not to work sometimes
  • Fixed some issues with canceling auto-run while jumping or while not in control of your character
  • Health reduced to 200 (from 210)
  • Shadow Crawl no longer reduces movement speed (was: 30% reduction)
  • Invigorate now increases movement speed by 80% (up from 60%)
  • Health reduced to 218 (from 230)
  • Swift Justice and Sweeping Revenge now dismount the target in addition to stunning them
  • The stun from Swift Justice now DRs (Diminishing Returns) with itself and other short stuns
  • The stun from Sweeping Revenge now DRs with itself and other long stuns
  • Health reduced to 166 (from 180)
  • Corrupted Soul now has a 3-second cooldown (up from 0)
  • Corrupted Soul now deals 80 damage when dispelled (up from 45)

The full patch notes can be found here.

Ring of Titans is available on PC.

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