Ring of Titans: Patch v0.38 Adds Quality-of-Life Improvements and Balancing Changes

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Do you want to play a game that has a similar feel to World of Warcraft’s PvP combat? If so, then you definitely need to try Ring of Titans out. Recently, the game received Patch v0.38, which brings quality-of-life improvements and balancing changes to certain Titans.

Ring of Titans is a pure PvP-based game where the only thing that’s necessary for you to win is pure skill. There’s no RNG and certainly no pay-to-win mechanics.

Anyway, the game’s latest update has added some nice improvements. First, if you queue solo as a healer, you will no longer be paired with another healer. Second, specific keybindings for “Target Mouseover” and “Focus Mouseover” have been added. Third, there is now an option that lets you hide empty item slots on your action bar, thus tidying up the interface.

For balancing changes, Volen’s Shadow Strike has been nerfed slightly and now deals only four damage on the first hit and seven on the second hit. Terhun’s Sedative Shot has been nerfed as well. It now only silences the target for three seconds instead of four.


  • Fixed the allowed targetability of a bunch of spells (e.g. you can no longer set bandage to focus, which didn't work anyway)
  • The camera can no longer go above 90 degrees
  • The amount of damage required to break certain effects now shows in the tooltip
  • Added the option to set the target of an ability to your mouseover
  • Added diminishing return icons to unit frames for your party and enemies
  • Increased the DR timer to 15 seconds after a buff ends (up from 13 seconds)
  • Added settings to turn on or off cooldown tracker icons or diminishing return icons for each frame
  • Added Sedative Shot to the list of cooldowns tracked by the interrupt icons in the middle of the screen
  • Added a setting to hide grass
  • Buffs always show up before debuffs now
  • Removed the # of active matches from the queue menu since it didn't work anyway
  • Azora
    • Pyromaniac talent now increases the cooldown of Fiery Infliction by 2 seconds
    • The snare from the Frostbitten talent now DRs with itself
  • Terhun
    • Removed the old Disengaged talent and made it baseline (jumping while casting Dissociative Force)
    • You can no longer use Dissociative Force while snared
    • Volley and Flare no longer hit targets under the bridge on the bridge map if used on top of the bridge

Ring of Titans Patch v0.38 is available on PC.

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