RimWorld: Update 1.3.3287 Adds a New Option - Ideoligion Off/Other Ideology Content On

RimWorld Update 1.3.3287
RimWorld Update 1.3.3287 Steam

RimWorld is a rather complex sci-fi simulation game, especially when you factor in the Ideology expansion. To make the title more accessible to as many people as possible, Update 1.3.3287 adds a new option that allows you to play with the expansion’s content active, but without the Ideoligion system enabled. This means that you can still have fun with Gauranlen trees, biosculpters, and public executions without having to deal with the complexities of the said system.

The Ideoligion system lets colonies impose new capabilities and restrictions that can heavily alter gameplay. Although this feature can add flavor to RimWorld, it is far too complicated for the vast majority of people. That is why the developers have added the option to disable it in this patch.

Aside from that, a meme represents a core idea in the belief system, where some actions are considered forbidden. In this update, some memes have received some adjustments. For instance, the Flesh Purity meme no longer forces the anti-biosculpting precept, meaning that you can now use biosculpting to recover limbs from purists.


  • Reworked ideoligion setup UI. Classic, custom, and load buttons are now selectable elements that take effect when the player hits "next"
  • The old "classic" mode is now called "classic-like" and is one of the "mild" presets
  • Bigotry precepts don't have associated memes anymore, so won't appear unless specifically configured by the player. This reduces annoyances around dealing with bigoted guests and recruits
  • Removed the "no recent animal slaughter" negative thought from the rancher meme, along with all associated code and content. This particular thought was too limiting for players and not worth having
  • Removed most meme associations from vegetarian and carnivore precepts. These shouldn't appear unless the player specifically configured them. This should reduce annoyances around food requirements of specific guests or recruits
  • Added a debug tool for spawning meals with specific ingredients
  • The system now ensures all mods adhere to their "forceLoadBefore" and "forceLoadAfter" lists
  • In classic mode, ensure factions generated after initial world gen use the same classic ideoligion
  • Rendering bug (all rectangles are white) on Intel graphics
  • Error generating sampled raid info under faction's min points to generate combat encounter
  • Getting raid sample info for non-hostile factions re-selects a hostile faction, giving inaccurate results
  • Torture crown is automatically equipped by colonists
  • Classic mode ideoligions don't start with some classic precepts
  • Blindness from resurrector mech serum is not cured by biosculpter regen cycle
  • Faction ideoligions are not reset on going back from colonist selection screen if the player first chooses classic, then another option

The full patch notes can be found on RimWorld’s official Steam page.

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