Rimworld: Update 1.3.3159 Brings Improvements to Biosculpters, Caravans, and More

Learn more about this new DLC.
Learn more about this new DLC. Ludeon Studios

Developer Ludeon Studios has released a new update for Rimworld that brings a whole lot of improvements. The most notable changes in Update 1.3.3159 are biosculpters redesign and caravan improvements.

The biosculpters have received some very nice changes. All biotuned biosculpter pods now run cycles 25% faster. They are also more efficient as they will only consume 50 watts if there is no cycle running, and 200 watts if there is a cycle in play. This is a huge change, considering that they run at full power all the time before this patch.

For caravans, hitching posts can now be used to keep animals in one place on temporary maps. Caravan formation is sped up as well thanks to the pawns now hauling items in their inventory to pack animals. If needed, the colonists can grab food from pack animals if there are no other food sources available.

Other improvements include the reduced amount of ancient junk that may spawn on new maps, reduced the prevalence of breach raids at certain levels, and ideoligious buildings are no longer expected to be placed in non-home maps.

Update 1.3.3159 Highlights


  • All cycles now take 5 nutrition, and nutrition must be loaded before a cycle is selected instead of after
  • It now only requires a single-player action to start a pawn on a biosculpter cycle (previously it took two separate actions and waiting for pawns to fill nutrition)
  • Biotuning now happens after a cycle is completed instead of when a pawn enters the pod
  • Biosculpters now take longer to minify
  • Change caravan packing spot to caravan hitching spot. It's still free, but it does more
  • Caravan hitching post now can be used to keep animals in place on temporary maps
  • Change caravan hauling behavior to cancel en route instead of waiting for arrival if ticks after first item pickup timeout exceeded
  • Colonists can grab medicine from pack animals
  • Add animal pregnancy, gender, and bonded information to archonexus settlement dialog
  • Sort items players take to new archonexus settlement more in line with usefulness
  • Tweak count of items players can bring to new archonexus settlement
  • Remove pawn hediffs like hypothermia and malnutrition upon new archonexus settlement
  • Pawn beauty stat is now visible even when the value is zero
  • Precept name length is now limited
  • Reduced the amount of ancient junk that spawns on newly-generated maps
  • Reduce the prevalence of breach raids at high points levels

Rimworld Update 1.3.3159 is now available on PC.

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