Rimworld’s Ideology Expansion Offer New Social Roles

Learn more about this new DLC.
Learn more about this new DLC. Ludeon Studios

Later this month, a new expansion is arriving in Rimworld. Titled Ideology, it focuses on belief systems, social roles, and rituals, among others. Today, we take a look into social roles and rituals.

Once the new expansion is live, players can now make better use of the special strengths of their colonists by giving them formal social roles. There are three categories with the first one being the Leader Role, which can be assigned to only one colonist. Among many things that this role can do is to buff combat allies, encourage harder work, and give inspirational speeches.

Another role is the Moral Guide. This can only be assigned once for each belief system and then represented by at least three colonists. The moral guide can provide specific support like counseling sad colonists to lift their moods and preach health to the sick to speed up healing.

Finally is the Specialist and it can be given to any number of believers. There are different specialist role types, one for each skill. While specialists are good at their primary skill and get a unique ability from it, they are too focused on that skill which makes them ignore some other work.


The Ideology expansion has the colony celebrate their belief system with rituals. These are player-controlled events that can have different impacts depending on the active ritual. The circumstances that can affect a ritual are based on who is attending it, the quality of the area where it's performed, and the equipment. A good ritual will cause participants to have a good time and leave with better moods. Spectacular rituals go beyond as they can give additional bonuses.

Read more about social roles and rituals here.

If you’re one of those excited, you can now wishlist the Ideology expansion here.

In Rimworld , players can choose different scenarios but the objective is to make sure that a colony of people can survive. The game ends when either at least one character has escaped the planet through a spaceship or all colonists have died.

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