RimWorld Update 1.3.3117: New Content, Game Improvements, and Bug Fixes

RimWorld Steam/Ludeon Studios

RimWorld recently received an update that fixed bugs, made some improvements, and added new stuff. In the previous update, three believers were required to be in a colony for celebrating the rituals. The current update modified that and now only one believer is needed for starting rituals.

The game now warns the player if they are trying to put a pawn in a regeneration that would not heal any conditions. This makes things easier for players as they don’t have to waste their time. Additionally, the developer has made changes to surrounding items. Items like rocks will look better outdoors, but they will look terrible when put indoors.

RimWorld Update 1.3.3117

New Stuff
  • Gaining, changing, or removing a role now requires a simple ritual.
  • While starting a game with fluid ideoligions, you can now customize and load NPC faction ideoligions.
  • Skullspikes now display whose skull is contained inside on their inspect pane.
  • Added a precept related to Darkness meme that gives believers a positive thought during an eclipse.
  • You can now randomize fluid ideos before applying changes.
  • You can now randomize normal memes during fluid ideo reforming.
  • Added a "build door" gizmo that displays when a wall or wall blueprint is selected.
  • Blind pawns' stats are now unaffected by light and darkness.
  • Biosculpter bioregeneration cycle now requires 2 glitterworld medicine.
  • Adjust the role tooltip area on the pawn's social tab.
  • Integrated artwork for bioregeneration cycle gizmo.
  • Mutilation ritual expectation alert now only shows the pawns who actually want to be scarified or blinded.
  • Increased chance for ancient security crates to spawn in ancient complexes.
  • Removed min points limit on security crate spawning in ancient complexes.
  • Psytrainer description now shows the description of associated psycasts.
  • Improved UI feedback in trade window when pawn refuses to sell another pawn into slavery due to the ideo.
  • Having a missing tongue now gives a negative mood thought because it's frustrating when you can't speak because your tongue was cut out.
  • Cancelling a caravan, then selling those animals, causes them to stay roped to the caravan gathering spot until they sleep.
  • Gauranlen tree miscalculates dryad count on creating seed pod.
  • Text of funeral ritual states bonus awards is available after randomizing name.
  • Totemic sculpture is pixelated.
  • Wild people can be enslaved while arrested.
  • Several issues with ancient junk.
  • Wrong capitalization.

You can read more about the update here.

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