Riders Republic Kicks of Holiday Celebrations with Winter Wonderland

It's time for the Winter Wonderland.
It's time for the Winter Wonderland. Ubisoft

Season 5 of Riders Republic is finally here, and it’s time for some friendly competition and a snowy season full of holiday celebrations in Winter Wonderland. There’s a series of seasonal events and free weekly challenges, and stylish new gear like new outfits from Season 5 sponsor The North Face, plus the Prada-designed BMX.

Here are the different events that’s part of Winter Wonderland:

  • Celebrating the 15th Anniversary
    • Duration:
      • December 14 to December 21
      • January 4 to January 11
    • Details:
      • Celebrate the 15th anniversary with limited-time activities where players win collectibles like the tribute emote (during week 1) and a snowboard (during week 2).
      • Ezio and Eivor cosplay outfits are available in the in-game shop.
      • Players can listen to a radio station playing the most memorable songs of the series.
      • For the first two weeks of the season, players can enter a photo competition, and a free themed photo overlay is going to be available.
  • Holiday Season Celebration
    • Duration:
      • December 21 to December 28
    • Details:
      • Riders can get festive outfits by completing free weekly challenges or buying them in the shop.
      • There’s also a holiday-themed Mass Race and a radio station playing holiday music for two weeks.
  • New Year’s Eve
    • Duration:
      • December 31 to January 4
    • Details:
      • Enjoy a New Year’s Eve-themed overlay in photo mode.
      • During this event, players can enter Riders Ridge and get a pair of 2023 celebration goggles.
      • Compete with other players in a special New Year’s-themed Mass Race.
      • Take on new challenges to get the first ever epic Burger Box.
        • This is a loot box which offers chances to win legendary items from past seasons.
      • New shiny outfits with animated patterns will be available in the shop.
  • X Games Winter Edition
    • Duration:
      • January 25 to February 2
    • Details:
      • Two X Games events are available for the week.
      • Players can take on special weekly challenges to win exclusive X Games rewards.
      • Riders can jump into a snow-themed Mass Race.
  • Ghost Warriors
    • Duration:
      • February 15 to February 22
    • Details:
      • The Warriors Mass Race returns with exclusive rewards but with new modifiers.
      • There’s no collision and players can enjoy a nighttime atmosphere.

Riders Republic is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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