Legendary Kyoshin Coming to For Honor This Thursday

A new warrior arrives.
A new warrior arrives. Ubisoft

A new update is coming to For Honor this July 22, and it’s going to introduce legendary warriors said to have a deep connection to the spiritual realms. These are other than The Kyoshin, warriors that have undergone special training which resulted in their mastery of fighting with the Shikomizue. This weapon is composed of a scabbard and a single-handed blade.

The Kyoshin is joining the samurai and will be available as part of a pack priced at $7.99. In addition to a new hero, the pack also offers:

  • One exclusive Ornament
  • One Elite Outfit
  • Seven days of Champion Status
  • Three scavenger crates

If you don’t have the money to buy it, don’t worry. This new hero is available for 15,000 Steel in-game. There’s a catch though since you must till August 5 to unlock them.

New Promotions

This Thursday isn’t just about a new hero. There are also new seasonal armor variations for all heroes. It’s the same day that the friend referral makes a return.

Twitch Drops

From July 22 to 29, fans and players who watch any For Honor streamer on Twitch get to receive drops. It goes without saying that to get these drops will need Ubisoft accounts linked with Twitch accounts.

There are new reward tiers and each tier progress only works if the previous rewards are claimed. The rewards are:

  • Watch 1 hour = 1 XP Boost
  • Watch 4 hours = 4 XP Boosts + 1 Premium Scavenger Crate
  • Watch 8 hours = 8 XP Boosts + 1 Premium Scavenger Crate
  • Watch 12 hours = Melee Pack + 1,000 Steel
  • Watch 16 hours = Melee Pack + 2,000 Steel
  • Watch 20 hours = Melee Pack + 3,000 Steel
  • Watch 24 hours = Combat Pack + 4,000 Steel

For Honor is an action fighting game set in medieval and fantasy settings. Players take on the role of different soldiers and warriors from history like samurai, knights, Vikings, and even the Wu Lin. The game was released in 2017 and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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