For Honor Says Improvements Coming to Warden and Testing Grounds

Changes are coming.
Changes are coming. Ubisoft

For Honor is ready to release Year 5 this March 11. Before the new season arrives, the development team has given us a peek at what to expect for the Warden. The team also shared a bit of news on matters related to Testing Ground.

Warden Improvements

The dev team revealed in a post that they’ll be releasing improvements to the Warden when Season 5 arrives. The different changes were tested at the Testing Grounds and feedback had been positive. Indeed, the Warden could be released pretty much in the version similar to what was tested.

One of the changes that players can expect is related to damage. It seemed that the damage dealt by the Side Heavy Finishers of the Warden was too high. This was especially true when comparing it to the damage made by the Top Heavy Finisher. As a result, it has been lowered to be more in-line with the Warden’s other attacks.

Another change is Thick Blood, something a lot of players have said typically nullified the kit of certain heroes. The change now results in Thick Blood no longer making the hero immune to Bleed and Fire Damage. Instead, it now heals the hero when Revenge is activated.

Testing Grounds

In For Honor, Testing Grounds is an open beta feature that lets players test new features before they are released to the game. This is a little different from how other games do it with test servers. That’s because Testing Ground is integrated into the game itself. Players can access it without the need to leave the normal game.

So what can players expect in Testing Grounds for Year 5? According to the team, they hope to have Testing Grounds more available to let players experience future changes. One of the plans for this year is to apply improvements to some heroes that are considered weak to make them balanced enough to match the other heroes. The goal is to increase diversity when it comes to hero picks.

Players can also expect to do another round of tests for Shugoki. This is because, during the last Testing Grounds, players had some problems with Shugoki’s Demons’ Embrace. Hopefully, the upcoming test should make the new set of changes better.

Learn more about For Honor’s Year 5 here.

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