Redout 2 Winter Pack DLC Live; Patch 1.3.0 Brings Training Mode and More

Redout 2
Redout 2 Steam/Saber Interactive

Redout 2 players will be happy to know that more content awaits their shores. The developer has released the second DLC of the game just now. The Winter Pack DLC is now available and priced at only $9.99, similar to the Summer Pack DLC.

The expansion brings The Terror Rupes environment with three new racetracks, all of which can be played in reverse as well. You can also expect 28 brand-new car events and 29 new liveries, colors, and cosmetic pieces.

Players who don’t want to purchase the expansion can also expect new content. Patch 1.3.0 went live recently, bringing some new features and a decent amount of bug fixes. A new Training mode, which features an infinite Time Attack mode, has been added to the game. You can read some of the patch details below.

  • Introducing Terror Rupes! This harsh environment switches heat for cold and back again without any notice
  • Introducing Training mode, an infinite Time Attack mode where you can test out tracks, ships and loadouts
  • Added a new low health warning sound effect. Also, its volume level is now adjustable in Settings
  • Missing a landing while auto-healing or at full health now correctly destroys the ship
  • Caribbean Dam and Mount Fuji have been optimized for better performance
  • Fixed impossible to obtain trophy in The Waterflow Dance tournament
  • Fixed softlocks in garage while using the Group menu
  • Player is now able to cross the finish line while being last in Arena Race event
  • Fixed an endless sound riser on Tropical Twister
  • Additional performance optimizations
  • Fixed an issue that potentially caused a softlock on the Reward screen in the Career when pressing Tab
  • Fixed an issue that caused track progress to be reset to 0% when missing the last jump in Mars Memorial - Orbiter
  • Fixed playerlist width being resized while readying up in multiplayer match in Russian
  • Fixed first person and chase camera sometimes being stuck inside the ship
  • Countdown number no longer stays on the screen after using a quick restart
  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect soundtrack name to be displayed when Streamer mode is enabled
  • Fixed old in-race notifications all showing up after turning Screen HUD on
  • Changed requirements making it easier to unlock some tutorial levels
  • Arcade ships; Asera, Behemot, Wallace, ESA, Sulha, Lunare have received a buff, with Asera and Behemoth receiving a major one, and Wallace, ESA, Sulha and Lunare getting a minor one
  • Updated the hot and cold sections visual representation on screen
  • Changed behavior of inactive track segments. Now, they destroy the ship on contact
  • Slightly tweaked visuals of inactive tracks. Now they’re easier to recognize

The complete patch notes of Redout 2 Patch 1.3.0 is available on Steam.

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