Overwatch 2 February 7 Patch: New Map, Streamer Protect Option, and More

A new event has just arrived in Overwatch 2 and it is called Battle of Olympus.
A new event has just arrived in Overwatch 2 and it is called Battle of Olympus. Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players have been enjoying season three which went live yesterday. The patch that brought the season also made a lot of tweaks, and every hero has received some kind of balancing change. More details about that can be read in our previous article.

The update also added a brand-new map called Antarctic Peninsula. It contains an icebreaker ship that failed to rescue Mei-Ling Zhou, and an abandoned station, both of which are begging to be explored by players.

Streamers will be happy about the newly-added Streamer Protect option, a new feature that allows them to hide their personal information while streaming a match. The option can be found in the settings menu. Several more tweaks and improvements have been made with the highlights mentioned below.

Accessibility Improvements
  • Improved Subtitles Options: text scalability, character portrait icons, speaker name, text color, background color, and subtitle preview in the options menu
  • Added mouse cursor size setting for PC
  • Added setting to select custom colors for Group and Alert colors in the UI. Preview feature added to preview custom colors in the accessibility options
  • Added challenges to unlock “Silhouette” player icons for all heroes
  • Added tracking for each of the roles for the Weekly “Role Mastery” challenge
  • Added Ramattra unlock challenges
  • Partial progress through the season three Battle Pass is now carried over to the “Wins for Ramattra” challenge
  • Players can now endorse the opposing team
  • All players can now be endorsed in Free-For-All game modes
Game Report
  • Players can view scoreboards from previous matches within the View Game Reports menu found in the History tab of the Career Profile
Mystery Heroes Changes
  • Mystery heroes now limits each team to a maximum of three of each role. Example: You are Reinhardt in Mystery Heroes. Your team also includes Mercy, Ana, and Lucio. When you die, you cannot respawn as a Support hero because there are already three Support heroes on your team. You will either be respawned as a Damage or a Tank hero
  • This new maximum role limit can be changed in Custom Games under Settings > Modes > All > Random Hero Role Limit Per Team,This setting only functions when the Respawn as Random Hero setting is enabled
Overwatch Credits are Back
  • Overwatch Credits, which were previously labeled “Legacy Credits” and were not earnable in Overwatch 2, can now once again be earned through progressing in the Season 3 Battle Pass
  • All players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards, and another 500 credits are available as premium rewards in the Season 3 Battle Pass

The complete patch notes of Overwatch 2 February 7 Patch is available on the official site.

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