Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Everyone Gets a Special Care Package

See what's offered this week.
See what's offered this week. Rockstar Games

It's no question that going out in the wild is dangerous, so it's best to be prepared. But in Red Dead Online, it won’t be a problem this week. It’s because everyone gets a special care package that contains:

  • 5 Gun Oil
  • 3 Wild Carrots
  • 2 Potent Health Cures
  • 5 Special Horse Revivers
  • 3 Chocolate Bars

Role Bonuses

Getting the package is indeed good news, however, three professions also get something extra this week.

Naturalists, for example, need to keep an eye out for that critter in the underbrush. Selling the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Samples gives out triple the usual RDO$ as well as Naturalist XP.

Collectors also get good bonuses this week. Those who can complete the Weekly Egg Hunt Collection and deliver them to Madam Nazar receive an additional 50% cash bonus on top of the typical payout. To finish the collection, just gather the Duck, Heron, and Goose Eggs. Meanwhile, Collectors that join the Condor Egg Free Roam Event get an offer good for 40% off a Novice or Promising Collector Item of their choice.

Finally, there are extra benefits for Bounty Hunters. Dead or alive, licensed bounty hunters get a 50% bonus on cash payouts for all Bounties, which include bounties for Legendary and Infamous villains. Those looking for that needed advantage, Bounty Hunters who are at least Rank 5, get an offer for half off the Navy Revolver.

Limited-Time Items

This week, there are some truly interesting items at the Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. These include:

  • Cardozo Vest
  • Leavitt Jacket
  • Hopeman Vest
  • Menasco Hat
  • Owanjila Hat
  • Lister Hat
  • Manteca Hat
  • Covington hat
  • Bowyer Boots


For this week, players get to enjoy five Gold less for the Bounty Hunter License. This Gold discount is offered as well for the Collector’s Bag.

Other discounts offered this week are:

  • Bounty Hunter Outfits (40% off)
  • Collector Outfits (40% off)
  • Bounty Wagon (40% off)
  • Collector’s Saddle Bag, Refined Binoculars, and Collector’s Maps (40% off)

Prime Gaming

With all of that out of the way, it’s time to see what Prime Gaming members get. This week they receive:

  • A Free Bounty Hunter License
  • An Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery

Meanwhile, those who connect to Prime Gaming before April 12 also get these:

  • Offer for 30% off Select Multi-Class Horses
  • Offer for 30% off select Horse Care Pamphlets from the Fence
  • Offer for 40% off any Saddle

What do you think of this week’s update?

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