Red Dead Online Weekly Update: The Events Handing Out Double Rewards

See what's offered this week.
See what's offered this week. Rockstar Games

In the frontier, justice may be fickle but when applied, it’s both ruthless and cold. This week, it’s indeed all about justice in Red Dead Online plus some excellent benefits. Players who help the widowed Jessica LeClerk get revenge in "A Land of Opportunities Missions" get to enjoy double rewards.

Giving out double the RDO$ and XP this week as well is "A New Source of Employment." Simply answer a telegram from the rather mysterious “J” to start the missions. There are three of them sure to test your skills. Read more about it here.

Paying out double rewards this week as well are All Races. This means a good time to put on those stirrups and spurs and work your steed to a full gallop.

That’s not all since there are also the Posse Bonuses. Players can team up with other like-minded individuals and make money. Those who manage to play in a Posse this week get an Offer for 30% off a Stable Slot and Persistent Posse setup fees being waived temporarily.

Limited-Time Items

This week, the Wheeler, Rawson and Co., is offering some interesting limited-time items:

  • Fernwater Coat
  • Hopeman Vest
  • Morning Tailcoat
  • Strickland Boots
  • Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • Square Stovepipe Top Hat
  • Hitched Skirt
  • Concho Pants
  • Gardenia Hat


It wouldn’t be a complete weekly update without the discounts, which are:

  • All Horses (30% off)
  • Coats and Ponchos (30% off)
  • Bandoliers (30% off)
  • Moonshine Bar Themes and the Cost of the Band (40% off)
  • All Wilderness Outfitters Offerings including Camp Dogs (40% off)
  • All Saddles and Horse Equipment (50% off)

Prime Gaming

We end this week’s update with Prime Gaming benefits. Members get to receive rewards for a Free Bounty Hunter License and an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery.

Players who connect to Prime Gaming before April 12 get:

  • Offer for 30% off Select Multi-Class Horses
  • Offer for 30% off select Horse Care Pamphlets from the Fence
  • Offer for 40% off any Saddle

Learn more about Prime Gaming here.

Red Dead Online started out as an online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 before being released as a standalone game in December 2020. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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