Red Dead Online Weekly Update: It's All About the Bounty Hunter

The hunt begins.
The hunt begins. Rockstar Games

For the past two weeks, Red Dead Online has been releasing what could be described as a lean update. Not that a lot of players are complaining mainly due to the excellent deals offered. During the last week of December, there were holiday deals. And after that, some good deals as well welcomed the new year.

It looks like this time, we’re back to the updates and with the launch of the Bounty Hunter Week. It's not a surprise considering that it was a month ago when the game released the Bounty Hunter update. You can read more about that here.

So, what’s happening this week? All Legendary Bounties are going to earn Double Role XP for the entire week. There’s even the Double RDO$ on all the Prestigious Legendary Bounties that include Gene “Beau” Finley, Carmela “La Muñeca” Montez, and Virgil “Shepherd” Edwards. You can learn more about Shepherd here and La Muñeca here.

That’s not all as Bounty Hunters also get a 50% RDO$ bonus when catching the original 10 Legendary Bounty targets. Not a bad week indeed.

What about those who haven’t taken the role of Bounty Hunter? Not to worry since all players playing this week receive not only a Reward that’s good for 1,000 Bounty Hunter XP but also 100 rounds of Express Repeater Ammo.

Weekly Discounts

As a Bounty Hunter week, discounts are offered to items related to this specialist role. Offers are available until January 18, which include:

  • 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License.
  • 5 Gold Bars off the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License.
  • 50% off all Bounty Hunter Outfits and Emotes.
  • 30% off all Bounty Hunter Weapon Variants.
  • 30% off all Bounty Wagon Tints.
  • 30% off all Bounty Hunter Accessories.
  • 30% off all Bounty Hunter Saddles, Gun Belts, and Off-Hand Holsters.
  • 30% off the Schofield Revolver, Bolt-Action Rifle, and all Repeaters.

Prime Members

Finally, we go to Prime Gaming where members this week get Rewards for:

  • A free Bounty Hunter License.
  • An Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery.

To be a member, all Red Dead Online players need to do is connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming. There’s an ongoing deal in which players who connect to Prime Gaming before January 18 get to receive a Reward for a Free Ability Card Upgrade, along with an Offer for 50% off a Weapon Pamphlet at the Fence.

There’s no doubt that this week is a good time to hunt down the most notorious fugitives in the frontier, dead or alive.

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