Red Dead Online Weekly Update: All Hallows’ Call to Arms Paying Double

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Rockstar Games

The air around the Wild West has that eerie tinge and it’s because All Hallows’ Eve is almost here. This week in Red Dead Online, many reports coming from different settlements ask for assistance. Just do what you can since the seasonal All Hallows’ Call to Arms modes are handing out 2X RDO$, Gold, and XP.

There’s also a little something across the Wild West. It seems that alligators and cougars have joined the standoff. The town of Armadillo even appears to have a ghost train. Players able to hold out and survive the tenth wave of any All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode also get 2,000 Club XP that can be redeemed on the Halloween Pass 2.

Double rewards are also being offered for the featured series this week, Dead of Night. This one has four teams that go against The Dead. Finishing any of the Dead of Night mode and surviving also gives a free Ability Card of the player’s choosing.

By the way, both of the seasonal modes mentioned feature a Night Stalker Mask, which allows players access to supernatural powers and strengths beyond the limits of what humans are usually capable of.

Join the Fun

It won’t be Halloween without the costumes. To get into the spirit of things, head over to Madam Nazar’s and get a mask that suits you. These masks are available for a limited time:

  • Slaughter Mask
  • Creature Mask
  • Horror Mask
  • Swing Mask
  • Freak Mask
  • Masquerade Mask

There’s also a little treat for everyone so don’t forget to check your Inventory to get 10 Snowberger Candies and 5 Chocolate Bars.

Halloween Pass 2

The Halloween Pass 2 will arrive in the game on October 28. This purchasable and limited-time upgrade comes packed with rewards spread across 15 ranks. Players have until November 22 to get all rewards like masks, new clothing items stained with the blood of past crimes, and accessories that inspire terror.

Players able to buy all four of The Quick Draw Club get the Halloween Pass 2 for free. For this week, those who have the Halloween Pass 2 get a free Stable Slot and a select Shirt (up to Rank 15).


This week, players can get the Bandit Mask for five Gold Bars less. Other discounts:

  • Melee Weapons (40% off)
  • All Role Outfits (35% off)
  • All Norfolk Roadster Horses (30% off)
  • Everything at Gus’ Store (30% off)
  • All Emotes (30% off)

Prime Gaming

Finally, for Prime Gaming, members get a free Accessory and 50% off a Non-Role Multi Horse.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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