Red Dead Online Update: Largest Update Yet Now Available

Multiple new game modes are coming to GTA Online over the next few weeks. Rockstar

The biggest update yet for Red Dead Online is now available to download for PS4 and Xbox One. The update adds new game modes, weapons, emotes and much more to the western MMO.

This update adds a number of new game modes and things to do for players. One of the most welcomed additions is Daily Challenges. These range from skinning animals to winning feuds with other players. There are seven new challenges every day for players to tackle. Completing Daily Challenges rewards players with Gold Nuggets and XP.

Player radars have been modified with today’s update. The radars now feature reduced visibility over long distances. This was done as a measure to curb harassment some players were experiencing. This also features into the adjusted law and bounty systems, where aggressive player blips become darker with each aggressive act. The darker the blip, the more the player stands out on the map. There are also NPC bounty hunters that will track you down for breaking any laws.

Also added in this week’s update is the Rare Shotgun, new clothing items and new emotes. If you are a PS4 player, you also have access to the Jawbone Knife, a timed exclusive melee weapon that is part of the PS4 Early Access deal Rockstar made with Sony.

Sign into Red Dead Online any time before March 5 to receive a free package at your Camp’s Lockbox or at the Post Office consisting of:

  • 2x Potent Snake Oil

  • 2x Potent Bitters

  • 2x Potent Miracle Tonic

  • 2x Horse Reviver

  • 2x Potent Horse Stimulant

  • 8x Poison Arrows

  • 10x Explosive Slug

The Fool’s Gold free roam event is added to Red Dead Online next week. This event features two teams fighting over a gold suit of armor. The team that racks up the most kills while wearing the armor wins.

Rockstar has also detailed what players can expect over the coming weeks as well. New game modes will be rolled out each week for the next few weeks. These modes include Target Races, where players have to shoot at targets while on horseback, fishing challenges and three new Showdown modes. The Evans Repeater gun will also be available to purchase in-game, but Rockstar only mentioned this will be coming “soon”.

So what do you think? Are you excited about any of the changes coming to Red Dead Online in this week’s update? Are you looking forward to any of the new game modes coming in future weeks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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