Red Dead Online Updates: New Game Modes Planned For First Title Update

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Only one more week until the Red Dead Online Beta's first title update
Only one more week until the Red Dead Online Beta's first title update Rockstar

We learned last week about some of the big changes coming to the first Red Dead Online title update, and Rockstar has pulled back the curtain even further this week with confirmation of new game modes, features and more.

The gold armor suit from the new Fool's Gold mode in Red Dead Online
The gold armor suit from the new Fool's Gold mode in Red Dead Online Rockstar

New game modes include the Fool’s Gold free roam event. In this mode, players compete over pieces of a gold suit of armor. Once one player has the set, everyone else must team up to take the armored player out. Players rack up points for kills while wearing the armor, and the player with the most points wins.

There are also new fishing challenges for players to compete in. These challenges all require players to catch a specific fish, with the biggest fish winning prizes. Once a player opts into the fishing challenge, that player receives the required bait and must go catch the biggest fish possible. As an added bonus, participating in the fishing challenge is a way to become invulnerable to other players’ bullets.

The last new gameplay additions are the three new Showdown modes and a new race. The new modes are called Up in Smoke, Plunder and Spoils of War, while the new race is called a target race. Target races require players to shoot at targets while on horseback in order to pass checkpoints and complete the race. More information on the three new Showdown modes will be released closer to February 26.

The update adds two new weapons to Red Dead Online: the Rare Shotgun and the Evans Repeater. The Rare Shotgun is a double-barreled weapon, and the Evans Repeater is said to have a high capacity. Finally, a new batch of emotes and clothing options are available for players to customize their characters with.

PS4 players have access to even more content thanks to a Rockstar and Sony deal to bring content to the console first. PS4 players can also compete in Open Target races, which feature a more open course than the target races. Those with PS4s also get early access to a new melee weapon, the Jawbone Knife, as well as different emotes and clothing options.

To keep players excited until the release of the title update on February 26, all XP gained this week is boosted by an additional 20 percent.

So what do you think? Are you excited to try out any of the new game modes in Red Dead Online? What else would you like to see included in the first Red Dead Online title update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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