Red Dead Online Beta Update: New Features Announced For February 26 Patch

Red Dead Online's February 26 update includes new features to curb aggressive player behavior
Red Dead Online's February 26 update includes new features to curb aggressive player behavior Rockstar

Red Dead Online is still in beta, but a big update is planned for February 26. What new features and updates can we expect in the patch? Rockstar has revealed a few planned features, with even more additions for the update coming next week.

Red Dead Online February 26 Update

In an attempt to curb aggressive player behavior, Rockstar is changing the way player blips appear on the in-game map. Players will now only be able to see others that are within 150 meters of their location. Players slightly beyond 150 meters away will also appear, but only when firing weapons. Players should not be able to see others in different towns or regions.

To further try to discourage negative gameplay, a new system is coming to better highlight aggressive players. Those that kill other players or their horses when not in a structured game mode will start to appear more prominently on other players’ maps. The more crimes committed, the more that aggressive player’s blip turns to red. The more red the blip, the more other players have an incentive to kill you.

As an added incentive to keep the killing to game modes only, NPC bounty hunters are coming in the update. The more aggresive and higher a player’s bounty, the more challenging the bounty hunter will be who comes to collect the reward.

Posse interactions are improving with the February 26 update. Posses can issue a Parlay to each other after the first death if both sides don’t want to get into a big battle. On the other side of things, posses can also issue a Posse Feud or Leader Feud after the first death. This will instantly start a mini deathmatch between the two posses, with points awarded to players for each kill.

Rockstar is also adding daily challenges to Red Dead Online. These challenges encompass all aspects of life in the wild west, and completing them earns players XP and gold nuggets. Example challenges include selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, winning Feuds and more.

Smaller fixes for the update include a rebalancing of the Varmint Rifle, tweaks to in-game voice chat and adjustments to horse cargo. There are more features coming in the February 26 update, but Rockstar is waiting until next week to reveal more information. Expect full patch notes to release once the update is ready.

So what do you think? Are you excited for any of these new features in Red Dead Online? What else would you like to see included in the February 26 patch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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