Red Dead Online Offering Bonuses For PS4 Players

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A good time to be a PS4 player.
A good time to be a PS4 player. Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online is offering players on the PlayStation 4 a new batch of early access bonuses. This comes just as the game released its Moonshiners update, which some are saying may be its best yet. You can read more about the Moonshiners update here.

So what's in store for PS4 players?


When you start operating your own Moonshining business, one of the things you realize is that it includes a lot of perks. The steady stream of thirsty clients to your bar is but one of them. With the Band Expansion, owners can now start a band and give their bar a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. This update is free to all PS4 players.


Somewhere deep in the woods of Roanoke Ridge is Murfee Brood, a backwoods menace that players can find in Beaver Hollow. If you're a PS4 player, you get access to this new Hideout and not only get the chance to clear it out, but also pilfer their makeshift camp in order to get rewards.


PS4 players get to choose a selection of special offerings from Wheeler, Rawson and Co. These includes four new clothing items along with five new emotes:

  • Apparel
    • Salizzo Double Bandolier
      • For many outlaws, the double bandolier is the better choice as they are stylish, naturally.
    • Starrett Hat
      • This one comes with a contrasting oval crown and upturned brim and then finished by hand with a woven leather buckled band.
    • Rulfo Boots
      • Cut from the highest quality leather, the boots feature what may be the most attractive designs with its elaborate studding on the pull straps, shaft, and vamp. Cut only from high-quality leather.
    • Gordillo Half-Chaps
      • This is guaranteed to add grandeur to any outfit especially with its buckled half-chaps that have studded panels and lavish fringes.
  • Emotes
    • Hat Flick
      • Greet everyone you meet passersby with a casual flick of the hat.
    • Howl
      • Tell the world of your acquisition of new territory, search for companionship, or utter loneliness in a primal, prolonged fashion.
    • Jovial Laugh
      • What better way to show appreciation that a jovial, good natured guffaw, and then grinning from ear to ear?
    • Subtle Wave
      • Whether friend or foe, give them a polite acknowledgement with this subtle and relaxed wave of the hand.
    • You vs Me
      • This one lets you settle a situation immediately on site through pistol fire or fisticuffs.
New outfits and new emotes!
New outfits and new emotes! Rockstar Games

In addition to these bonuses, there are also a selection of limited time festive-themed variations for Red Dead Online Showdown Modes arriving to all platforms on December 19. A few select variants will only available to PS4 players, though. The bonuses mentioned above are available until January 21.

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