Red Dead Online June Update: Moonshine and Earn Extra Rewards

Time to go against the prohibition. Rockstar Games

The law does what it can to stop the flow of illegal liquor but at the end of the day, quenching the thirst of the locals is what matters the most. That's why this June, in Red Dead Online, it's all about moonshining and getting extra paid for it. From May 30 to July 3, get triple RDO$ and XP on Moonshiner Story Missions and double rewards on all Moonshine Sales. Meanwhile, completing Moonshiner Bootleg Missions rewards you triple XP.

If you're not yet in the business, don't worry! Moonshine Shack is available for 10 Gold Bars off with all themes for customizing the bar offered at 50% off. There's also a 30% discount on the Base Mash Price. Those who already have the Moonshine Shack can enjoy the 30% off on relocation costs.

Capitalist Reward

There's no question that there's a lot of opportunities available for capitalists at heart. Those who complete Moonshiner or Trader Sale every week this month receive these weekly rewards:

  • May 30 to June 5: Two Rewards for Free Mash Refills
  • June 6 to June 12: Kennedy Hat
  • June 13 to June 19: Ortega Vest
  • June 20 to June 26: Carver Pants
  • June 27 to July 3: Prieto Poncho

Complete the Challenges

While brewing and selling booze does give you extra rewards this June, there are also challenges and rewards running for the entire month:

  • Destroy five Revenue Agent Blockades any week this month to receive 50% off any weapon.
  • Win a Showdown Mode to receive 40% off an Established or Distinguished Moonshiner Role Item.
  • Win a match in any Featured Series this month to get the Applause Emote.
  • Complete any Free Roam Event this month to receive 40% off an Ability Card Upgrade.
  • Complete any of the A New Source of Employment Missions received via Telegram — "A One Horse Deal," "Rich Pickings," or "Outrider" — to receive the blue Squat Stovepipe Top Hat.

Featured Series

For those who want to test their resolve and reflexes, they can try these Featured Series:

  • May 30 to June 5: Showdown Series (Hardcore)
  • June 6 to June 12: Elimination Series (Hardcore)
  • June 13 to June 19: Team Shootout Series (Hardcore)
  • June 20 to June 26: Overrun Series (Hardcore)
  • June 27 to July 3: Team Gun Rush Series (Hardcore)

Don't forget to check everything that's happening this June.

Red Dead Online was released in 2019 and was originally an online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. In December 2020, a standalone client for the game was released. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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