Red Dead Online April Update: It's a Good Time to be a Collector

Time to collect.
Time to collect. Rockstar Games

This month is all about the Collectors in Red Dead Online. Be sure to saddle up, unfold that map, and hit the trail to discover valuable treasures around the frontier. That's because regardless of skill level, Collectors get extra on different activities.

For example, you can fill up your Collector's Bag and sell those complete Collector Sets to Madam Nazar and earn 2X RDO$ and XP. Meanwhile, assembling and returning all the pieces of the Weekly Collection result in double the usual rewards.

For this month, you get the chance to be the first to get the elusive egg with the Condor Egg Freemode Event. To join the event, keep a lookout for an invite while playing in Free Roam. Those able to grab the egg get double rewards from Madam Nazar. That's not all since finishing the Condor Egg Event anytime within the month lets you earn the Bird Eggs Collector Treasure Map.

Triple Rewards

Collectors have further benefits like the 3X Role XP for discovering Collectibles and more by doing these tasks:

  • Unearth history by collecting at least three Fossils during any week this month to get the beige Lister Hat.
  • Find at least three Collectibles any week this month to earn the olive Patterned Bandana.
  • Stick to it and reach a three-day Collector Daily Challenge Streak to get the gray and black Blackgrave Coat.

Double Rewards

For this month, The Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity is offering 2X RDO$, XP, and gold for those who succeed in pilfering one of Senator Ricard’s prize jewels from the heart of Saint Denis. Meanwhile, those who want to get started with Blood Money can visit Guido Martelli in Saint Denis and learn more about Contracts and Opportunities.

Double rewards are available as well in the Featured Series this month. Here's what the calendar shows:

  • April 4 to April 10: Hardcore Pro Series
  • April 11 to April 17: Hardcore Saint Denis Series
  • April 18 to April 24: Contrast Series (Last Stand and Sport of Kings)
  • April 25 to May 1: Hardcore Overrun Series

Don't forget to check what else is happening this month. Red Dead Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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