Ready or Not: New Loadout UI Implemented in Massive New Update

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The intense tactical first-person shooter Ready or Not has a massive new update, which was only previously available to owners of the Supporter Edition. Aside from the new and improved AI, the loadout UI also received an overhaul.

The new UI now allows you to customize your weapons and edit your loadouts from just one single menu. This means that the Quartermaster is merged with the loadout interface, simplifying things for you. You’d still have to go to the mirror in the lobby to change uniforms though, but the developers are looking to incorporate this in the loadout menu sometime in the future.

Ready or Not’s latest update introduces new maps, improvements, and bug fixes as well. You can read the highlights below:

  • Valley of the Dolls (Valley)
  • Neon Tomb (Club)
  • A Lethal Obsession (Ridgeline)
  • Relapse (Hospital)
  • The Spider (Agency)
  • New flashlights are brighter with a wider cone and no longer use the IES system.
  • Lockable status on various doors (some doors shouldn’t be lockable)
  • Civilians in active shooter run to spawn once they are in sight of the player (and within a safe place). They will get arrested automatically
  • AI can now blend more cleanly from a ragdoll state into being active, standing up, or being arrested.
  • Grenade throw arc has been adjusted to be more intuitive
  • Paired interaction weapon holsters and transitions. Weapons will always be holstered first before playing a paired interaction (arresting, carrying, etc.)
  • Laser pointers now maintain visibility over distance
  • Swat movement animations
  • Increased Swat AI accuracy
  • Suspects can now pick up dropped weapons vs. only being able to draw a new gun out of their underpants every time.
  • Improve AI melee hit detection. It is now animation accurate instead of being scripted, so you can dodge punches, technically!
  • Armor and Ammunition tab added
  • Players can control their plate coverage, armor material, body armor type, munition slot balance, and ammunition types from within this menu
  • Players can now change ammo types in weapons by having their primary or secondary drawn and then by pressing the corresponding primary or secondary “key” again.
  • Gameplay
    • Fix grenade getting stuck on obstacles sometimes
    • Fix zipcuff and multitool locking up the player when held in the hand while arresting characters
    • Fix issue where one hitscan would sometimes apply multiple instances of damage to the same character
  • AI
    • Fix AI not being able to see through the breakable glass
    • Fix AI focusing on stale/old focal points resulting in incorrect rotations
    • Fix loadout not being able to equip on AI sometimes
    • AI inventory bug fixes
    • Fix AI opening door whilst arrested

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Ready or Not is available on PC.

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