Ready or Not: February Content Update Introduces a New Map and Two New Weapons

Ready or Not February Content Update
Ready or Not February Content Update Twitter/@VOIDInteractive

The second content update for Ready or Not this year is now available. The February content update introduces a new map called the Club and two new weapons: the German assault rifle G36C and the BRN-180, which is a modern take on the classic AR-18. This update adds support for displaying modded maps in the Lobby (World Map) as well.

As a member of an elite S.W.A.T team, you should keep in mind that suspects will stop at nothing to halt your advance. That said, some suspects now wield knives and they’re going to stab you if you get too close. Furthermore, suspects can now place traps, so always be on the lookout for these things before proceeding.

In addition, some objects in certain maps have been updated. The lobby clock in the Wenderly Hills Hotel now simulates occlusion when you are behind it. The barrels in the 213 Park Homes map have also received some adjustments, including increased physics mass and velocity threshold.


  • World generation on modded maps will now have AI and Stack Up points generated automatically
  • Fixed an issue where placed C2 explosives would spawn inside of some doors instead of on it
  • Fixed an issue where CS Gas would sometimes trigger off traps
  • Fixed crash when opening loadout
  • Fixed an issue where reporting a suspect may sometimes cause a crash
  • Fixed crash when firing a projectile-based weapon (pepperball gun, R7, etc.)
General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where hesitating AI would sometimes move (floating around)
  • Fixed possible crash when giving a stack-up order when no SWAT is available
  • Fixed SWAT sometimes getting stuck on the "Restrain" command
  • Fixed suspects instantly reacting to the player deciding to kick a door
  • Fixed bug preventing AI from holstering weapons
  • Fixed an issue where suspects could sometimes exit arrests while being arrested by SWAT
  • Grenade de-sync fixes and improvements
  • Continue to search for games automatically when the server is full
  • Fixed Online Login crash
  • Fixed Tasers not properly replicating magazines from server to client post-reload
  • Changed the Speed Grip's name to Angled Grip
  • Changed the Control Grip's name to Vertical Grip
  • Adjusted the BCM MK1 recoil and damage to be the same values as the SR16

The full patch notes can be found on Ready or Not official Steam page.

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