Ready or Not February 4 Update Patch Notes

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Ready or Not received a major update last month, and it brought a lot of new content. However, it also brought some minor issues. So, the developer has released a small patch to address some of them. Several crashing issues are fixed, and two weapons have been tweaked.

Roll and Pitch rotation for characters has been locked because it was causing a titled character bug. Supporter verification code will not be hidden from players who aren’t supporters. The damage of SBR-300 is increased, and the fire rate of BCM MK1 is now the same as the HK416. The patch removed the performance profiler capture as it may have been causing performance loss.

  • Potential crash fix on host migration
  • Multiple crash fixes
  • Fixed NVG offset on helmet (fixes floating headwear)
  • FBI HRT ballistic shield matches regular ballistic shield hitbox dimensions
  • Fixed an issue where interaction would not work sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where evidence items would not be recoverable if an evidence bag is covering the interaction point
  • Potential fix for items not equipping if said item’s class was not loaded
  • Fixed an issue where a grenade could be released whilst in low ready
  • Fixed an issue where grenades could sometimes go through geometry (walls, doors, etc)
  • Fixed an issue where trap cables would not sometimes simulate properly
  • Fixed pistol equipped with shield disappearing and reappearing on alternating frames
  • Fixed an issue where the hand could be shot while using the FBI HRT ballistic shield
  • Spawn blood effects when hitting players
  • Improved line of sight checks to reduce instances of AI seeing their enemies through walls
  • Multiple crash fixes for AI
  • Fixed an issue where AI would not use their unalerted/alerted perception logic (only triggered by noise)
  • Fixed an issue where equipped player gear would occasionally not display on paper doll.
  • Scale relevant AI tick rate based on distance

You can read the complete patch notes on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Ready or Not recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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