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Ready or Not, an intense first-person shooter where you play as a member of an elite SWAT team assigned to defuse any hostile situation, has received a new update. The January Content update is now available and it brings new content, features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The “Free Look” mode is now available, which allows you to look at your immediate vicinity to give you a better picture of what you’re up against. This can be set to activate by holding and pressing a button or via a simple toggle.

A first-person shooting game will not be complete without guns. That said, several weapons have been added, most notably the MK.16 assault rifle, SLR 47 carbine, and R7 Launcher - a magazine-fed, customizable gun that shoots Pepperballs.

For improvements, those who are using modern AMD graphics cards will be happy to know that the game now supports the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution graphics technology. Additionally, network performance is greatly optimized. Playing with your buddies online may result in fewer connection issues and disconnects from now on.

Update Highlights

  • Added 3 Test Maps: Valley, Fast Food and Penthouse (Heavily WIP!)
  • Working Mirrors
  • Vivox Integration
  • Fixed broken lightmap UVs
  • Fixed team view cam sometimes going to pre-mission planning level (viewing SWAT truck)
  • Depreciated SWAT command decal markers and outlines
  • Sight swapping/toggling for new optics
  • Alarm traps
  • Better weapon offset for super-wide monitors
  • Grenades now have a more centered throw trajectory
  • Improved melee system for players and AI
  • Improved melee hit detection
  • Options to disable world decals or modify their density and fade distance (significant performance improvement for some hardware)
  • More items now visible in mirror/team view
  • Night vision goggles (NVG) visual overhaul
  • Tweaked exposure curve for better "auto-gating" in extreme light conditions
  • Allow arrested AI to move
  • Increased AI step angle so they don’t get caught on small props, causing them to be stuck in place
  • Significantly improve AI enemy detection reaction time (SWAT especially)
  • SWAT will fire back when sensing damage (fixes SWAT getting shot and not returning fire, also allows Suspects to fire back if they take damage through walls or doors)
  • SWAT will abort arrest if the target has not surrendered, or is already arrested
  • Hesitation Mechanic
  • Reaction animation to heard gunshots
  • Suspects investigate trap stimulus when the trap goes off
  • Suspects lower weapons against walls and doors
  • Tweaked suspect accuracy for better engagements
  • Suspects are more likely to surrender if you yell at them before they've targeted anybody
  • Added Performance Profiler (to capture and send performance issues to VOID)
  • Reduced VRAM usage by roughly 2GB
  • Significantly improved Beanbag and Pepperball particle performance (especially when spammed in a small area)
  • Significantly improved team view/optiwand memory usage (was using 16x more memory than needed)

The full list of changes can be seen on the game’s official Steam page.

Ready or Not is available on PC.

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