Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Panel Revealed: Four Operators, One New Map, and Much More

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft

Ubisoft's successful tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, will receive post-launch support for the eighth consecutive year. During the Sixth Invitational Finals, the developer revealed the Year 8 roadmap for the game, outlining all new content fans can expect in the next 12 months.

Siege Year 8 Roadmap
Siege Year 8 Roadmap Ubisoft

Season 1

Season 1 Operation Commanding Force will go live next month and introduce a Brazilian attacking operator named Brava, who can steal defender gadgets. In addition, Season 1 will rework the reload mechanism to make the game more tactical and add beginner challenges to help newbies get started. However, the most significant feature of Season 1 will be Mousetrap, which can penalize keyboard and mouse players on consoles by adding input lag. This change will not be welcomed by high platinum players as most of them use M/KB.

Season 2

Season 2 will introduce a Swedish operator and a map rework of the Consulate. A permanent arcade playlist will be added, along with a new target mode in the shooting range. Frost's welcome mat will also be reworked, allowing attacking players to free themselves from her trap, but they won't be able to sprint and will leave a blood trail for the entire round.

Season 3

Season 3 will feature a new operator from South Korea, along with a reworked Quick Match and a new secondary defender gadget. Playable Tutorials will also be added to help new players learn the game better.

Season 4

Season 4, the final season of Year 8, could be the biggest one yet with a brand-new map and a new operator from Portugal. Shields will also be reworked, and the most impressive feature will be the Defender AI playlist, a new game mode where new players can play against smart AI-controlled defenders. The AI will learn from current players and will reinforce walls, make rotations between sites, and deploy gadgets at expected locations. The developer aims to create an AI-controlled attacker playlist in the future.

Are you excited about Year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege? Which specific feature are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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