Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Brings Mousetrap, Immersive Reload, Beginner Challenges, and More

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1 is less than a month away with the new season going live on the test server February 21 and on the main build March 7. Fans can expect a new operator along with a ton of new features and balancing changes.

Season 1 Overview

The new attacking operator, Brava, is a three-speed Brazilian that specializes in stealing defenders’ gadgets. She can hack gadgets like EDD, Evil Eyes, and more by aiming her drone at them. More information about the operator is mentioned in our previous article.

Operation Commanding Force will bring a lot more features than just a new operator. Reload mechanism will now be much more realistic and Zero is getting a major update. Console players will also receive some love as the developer is finally acting on mouse and keyboard for consoles. There’s also a nice surprise for new players.

New Immersive Reload

The new season drastically nerfs reload-cancel. Right now, players can cancel, reload, and shoot the rest of the bullets they had in the magazine even if the animation shows that the magazine is removed. In Season 1, if you cancel a reload after the mag is removed, then your gun will only have one bullet, assuming you reloaded with some spare ammo. This will make players think about their surroundings before they decide to reload their weapons.


Some naughty console players use a keyboard and mouse in Rainbow Six Siege by using spoofing devices. The new Mousetrap feature will detect these players and add very noticeable input lag, meaning their mouse advantage will be diminished. M/KB players on consoles are a major problem for every console shooter and Ubisoft claims that it is the first to tackle it.

Beginner Challenges

Rainbow Six Siege is a complicated game and can be very overwhelming for newbies, especially with tons of game mechanics all working in tandem with each other. Season 1 will introduce Beginner Challenges which will teach newbies about the game. Completing them will even fetch some rewards like Renown Boosters or even new operators.

You can visit our previous article to know more about the entire Year 8 Roadmap.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Rainbow Six Siege recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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