Disney Dreamlight Valley Major Update Adds Olaf and Mirabel, Patch Notes Here

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a major success, both financially and critically. So, it makes sense to continue supporting the title. The developer released a major update yesterday called A Festival of Friendship. The update brings a lot of content including new characters, a new shop, highly-demanded features, and more. Players can also expect a ton of bug fixes and general improvements.

Olaf and Mirabel, everyone’s favorite snowman from Frozen and the protagonist of Encanto, have been added to the Valley. The update also expanded “The Forgetting” main story and added a new Premium Shop. The said shop includes exclusive content not present in Scrooge McDuck’s General Store.

You can read a portion of the patch notes below.

  • "The Forgetting" Main Story continues: A snowstorm is brewing in Frosted Heights!
  • New Character: Welcome the Valley’s resident snowman, Olaf, with a warm hug.
  • New Character: As Disney celebrates the Wonder of Encanto around the world, Mirabel seizes the occasion to join the Valley, bringing with her Mini-Casita.
  • Celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary with a very special new Star Path inspired by real-world Disney100 items.
  • Take your reno outside and change the look of your fully upgraded house with newly added house colors or acquire premium house skins from the Premium Shop.
  • Scrooge McDuck General Store has received a shipment of new goods! Got Star Coins from your recent Pumpkin Puff haul burning a hole in your pocket? Keep an eye out for new clothing and furniture items in his stock.
  • We’ve seen some of your storage rooms and we’re both impressed and scared. Chests that are crafted at Crafting Stations now come in three different varieties, offering larger storage capacities.
  • Capping off storage-palooza, we’ve added quality of life features that allow you to auto sort your items, as well as quickly transfer items between your inventory and storage with smart transfer.
  • Take that house reno back inside! You can now modify the look of doors inside your house based on ones you’ve collected, as well as adjust their placement.
  • We’ve improved wallpaper management to add more variety in your house. Now, you can adjust wallpaper on a wall-by-wall basis instead of selecting one style for the whole room.
  • Craft new Role Training Manuals to change the roles of your villagers. Whether you’re maximizing your gardening potential or giving Goofy a new hobby, you don’t have to feel locked into your past decision.

As mentioned above, Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Festival of Friendship Update also brought a ton of bug fixes and other improvements. You can read about them in great detail via the official site.

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