Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Neon Dawn TS Patch Notes: Voice-To-Text Issues, Lighting Issues, And More Fixed.

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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Neon Dawn TS Patch Notes
Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Neon Dawn TS Patch Notes dexerto

Ubisoft, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, just released its latest patch notes for the Siege test server. This update addresses the new voice to text bug where the option doesn’t always apply on the first try. A bug where spectators can’t see dead player pings has also been fixed in the latest update.

Additionally, the patch fixes Skyscraper’s cocktail bar lighting issue along with other LOD and visual issues. Another game-breaking bug where players can fall to their death by vaulting the railing on the balcony on Skyscraper has been fixed.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4 Neon Dawn TS Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:



  • FIXED – Several new iterations of LOD issues present on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – A lighting issue present at the Cocktail Bar visible on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Defuser can no longer be picked up if dropped in the corner with pipes near Ventilation Units on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Several items can be seen floating on Skyscraper map in specific circumstances.
  • FIXED – Various clipping and visual gaps on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Drones can fall out of bounds after navigating below the west stairs at the Ventilation Units or close to the south wood gate at the Peaceful Tree on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Operators can fall to their death by vaulting over the railing at the House Balcony on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED – Drone cameras can clip with the wood floor near the stairs and rocks in the south east area of the East Garden on Skyscraper map.


  • FIXED – Electronics Detector wave effect is still present on Kaid's disabled Electroclaw.
  • FIXED – Visual effects of IQ's Electronics Detector are not visible further than 15M away.
  • FIXED – Thatcher's EMP Grenade doesn't disable Clash's CCE Shield electricity.


  • FIXED – Convert Voice to Text chat option does not always apply changes on the first try.
  • FIXED – Dead player pings are not replicated in Spectator mode.
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