Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Is Joining Rainbow Six Siege

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Sam Fisher
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Rainbow Six Siege is already going strong in its fifth year, and Season 3 will be bringing a familiar face to the roster. Ubisoft posted a short teaser earlier today revealing Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is coming to the game with Operation Shadow Legacy. The full Season and Operator reveal is scheduled for August 16 during the NA Mini Major Finals.

Nonetheless, before the official announcement itself, several leaks suggested the content of the upcoming Season and the introduction of a new Operator called Zero, who will be immediately recognized as Sam Fisher.

Sam Fisher hasn't had his own official game since Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which released seven years ago. However, Ubisoft kept on introducing him in a number of other titles, including the Ghost Recon games.

Sam Fisher's appearance in Rainbow Six Siege was leaked by well-known Twitter user @R6leaks1, who posted a short teaser on their Twitter account. The same teaser was also posted on Ubisoft's official YouTube channel earlier today. Even though Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Sam Fisher will now be a part of Rainbow Six Siege's roster, it has yet to announce what other Operator(s), map reworks, or balancing changes will be coming with Operation Shadow Legacy. We are hoping that all these questions will be answered on August 16 when Operation Shadow Legacy is fully revealed.

On a related note, Sam Fisher is also making an appearance in an upcoming mobile game called Elite Squad. He will also be starring in an upcoming Netflix animated series from one of John Wick's writers. Considering all that, it seems that Ubisoft is certainly keen on bringing Sam Fisher back to his former glory before launching a standalone game.

Finally, Rainbow Six Siege has also restored the M.U.T.E Protocol Event, which had to be temporarily suspended due to an exploit. The game-breaking glitch has now been fixed, so you don't want to miss out on the sci-fi mode before it disappears.

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