Rainbow Six Siege Shadow Legacy Reveals New Operator, New Rework, And More

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Details ubisoft

Ubisoft just revealed their new operation for Rainbow Six Siege. The new operation, called Shadow Legacy, revolves around a new operator from the Splinter Cell franchise named Zero. Zero is a new playable character who has a gadget that is super helpful in gathering intel through walls. Rainbow Six Siege also is getting a brand new assault rifle from the Splinter Cell games, the SC3000K.

The new update includes tons of new additions such as a ping system, new optics and color changes, new secondary gadgets, shared reinforcements, a rework for the EMP grenade, map bans for ranked, rework for Chalet, and a match replay feature.

Ping system:

The regular ping has received a new update, with each player getting a certain number of pings during the start of the round. Players can separately ping objects like Maestro cams, Lesion mines, default cams, barricades, defusers, and more. Every object will have a special ping system, which can help the player identify objects much easier without giving callouts. Players can also ping from drones and cams, which make the game a bit easier in terms of intel.

New optics and color changes:

The developers have added in brand new weapon scopes and have made small changes to the holographic and red dot sights. Players can adjust the color and opacity of the optics for all weapons. Weapons also received new magnification levels up to 3X, making some operators such as Mira more powerful than Jager. Players can find this new feature in the Accessibility tab in the main menu.

New secondary gadget:

Ubisoft is adding in a new secondary gadget for attackers called the hard breach charge. This gadget can be deployed on walls, hatches, or even barricades. The gadget, once deployed, leaves a medium-sized hole on the wall which allows the player to vault in through the breach. Beware of the breach as it has a timer on the deployment. The gadget can also deal a decent amount of damage to players if they are hit.

Shared reinforcements:

Instead of spawning with two reinforcements, every player will have a shared pool of ten reinforcements. This allows players with less utility to set up, to focus on reinforcing walls. Operators such as Castle and Smoke now have more freedom to set up sites while operators such as Pulse can spend more time reinforcing walls, which saves a lot of time for defenders.

EMP grenade rework:

Thatcher has been the most banned operator in ranked and competitive for over two seasons now. This is due to the fact that his EMP grenade can destroy and temporarily disable multiple gadgets such as Maestro's cams, Lesion's mines, Mute jammers, and more. This made attacking much easier. The next update will focus on nerfing the EMP grenade. The EMP can only disable gadgets now. The rework will change how bandit tricking and breaching works on both the attacking and defending sides.

Map Bans:

Map bans are one of the most anticipated features for the next update. This feature gives power to players to decide what map they want to play. The map bans will work on a majority poll. Three maps will be displayed on the UI, and the players will have to ban two of them. The last map in the pool decides which map will be played.

Chalet Rework:

The new reworked Chalet will bring in tons of changes to how the map will be played.

  • The most noticeable change is that now the player is able to rappel all the way up to the rooftop and hold for spawn peeks.
  • The basement got an additional hallway to improve rotation between sites without getting cut off.
  • The trophy site got replaced by a brand new bombsite, making it more balanced for the defenders.
  • A new window has been added to the garage, to pressure attackers more.
  • For Bar and Gaming, the difference is mostly in access and rotation. Doors were moved, and a new hallway on the South side links them together.

Match replay feature:

This coming season, the developers are planning on introducing a match replay feature which is still in alpha testing and can be found on the test servers. This feature will allow players to watch up to 12 of their recently played matches across all game modes. All the files for the recording will be saved locally in the player’s PC. Players will be allowed to see the gameplay recording in spectator views, allowing players to find out their mistakes and rectify them. This feature will be really useful for analysts and pro players to watch more attacking and defending patterns in their games.

More details about the upcoming Shadow Legacy update for Rainbow Six Siege will release soon.

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