Rainbow Six Siege: What To Expect In Operation Shifting Tides

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Operation Shifting Tides
Operation Shifting Tides mp1st.com

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Shifting Tides is live right now, and Season Pass owners are already enjoying the two brand new operators, Kali and Wamai. These operators aren't all that's coming to the game with Operation Shifting Tides. Apart from the two new Operators and a reworked Theme Park, Ubisoft has also made a wide array of balancing changes to the game.

Let's begin with weapon balancing changes. In the new operation, players will notice that the damage of Caveira's M-12 SMG has been buffed from 36 to 40. Ela's FO-12 shotgun has been nerfed, causing the weapon damage to drop beyond 10 meters. Similarly, the Spetsnaz SASG-12 shotgun's spread has been increased.

Now, let's talk about what's going on with the Operators. Glaz, who is struggling to become an attractive pick as an attacker, has received a buff that increases his scope highlighting intensity, allowing him to spot enemies better. Kaid has also received a massive buff, which now enables his RTilla electric claws to electrocute up to three reinforced walls, and the operator's impact grenades have been replaced with barbed wire. Additionally, Warden's barbed wire has also been replaced with a C4, and Jackal has been reworked significantly.

Other than these changes, Operation Shifting Tides added two new features to the game - Limb Penetration and an Exit Rappel feature. As a result of the limb penetration feature, bullets will no longer be blocked by limbs. Meanwhile, the exit rappel feature adds a prompt to enter a rappel animation.

The operation is currently live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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