Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Update Removes Frag Grenades From Ying

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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege's latest season, Void Edge, is currently live on the Test Servers. The developers have been updating it constantly to make it ready for the live build. A recent update on the test servers replaced Ying’s Frag Grenades with Claymore, and many bugs have also been fixed, including a Clash exploit. Twitch’s shock drone recharge should also work fine now.

Do keep in mind that these changes made in the Test Servers are not final and may change in the live build. You can read the full patch notes below or on the official Reddit post.

Rainbow Six Siege Test Server Patch Notes



  • Remove Frag Grenades, replaced with Claymore.

We still feel we want to emphasize her teamwork (as per the Designer's Notes), and are making a few adjustments while she's on the TS to gather some more data.



  • FIXED – Clash Exploit.
  • FIXED – Only 1 Shot is recharged when picking up Twitch’s shock drone after using all shots.
  • FIXED – Iana can be killed after the end of the round if she is still in her hologram.
  • FIXED – Oryx sometimes unable to climb the hatch if player gripped it from max distance.
  • FIXED – If Oryx dashes at a doorframe next to a soft wall at an angle, he can sometimes dash through and break the wall instead of going through the door.
  • FIXED – Missing sound in first person when using Oryx to dash through barbed wire.
  • FIXED – Jackal can sometimes still scan if he is at the edge of Mute’s Jammer AOE.
  • FIXED – Glaz fire rate is lower on PvE compared to PvP.
  • FIXED – LMG clips through the reinforced wall if it is mounted before the wall is reinforced.
  • FIXED – Nomad’s full reload animation with the AK-74 can be interrupted by holding the fire key.
  • FIXED – The magazines of the ARX200 clips through the weapon's mag-well when reloading in first person POV.


  • FIXED – Attackers can plant the defuser inside the hand truck at B Arsenal Room of Clubhouse.
  • FIXED – Various minor fixes on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on maps.


  • FIXED – Killcam sometimes goes OOW at the end-of-round replay.
  • FIXED – On some accounts, Iana’s “Exit Replicator” is hardbound to the middle mouse button regardless of set key-bindings.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetic and Menu/HUB fixes.


  • Missing drone sounds for other players in the match.
  • Iana’s hologram deployment VFX is sometimes visible through walls. Fix coming
  • Sprint SFX can be broken when running close to a wall (related to the duplicate footsteps issue) in progress


  • Barricade destruction replication under latency.
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