Rainbow Six Siege Releases Anime-Style Nighthaven Collection Trailer

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Get new gear today!
Get new gear today! Rainbow Six Siege - Ubisoft

Earlier in November, Ubisoft revealed that it wants its popular tactical FPS game Rainbow Six Siege to have more story/lore. Now, to me, it seems that adding lore to Rainbow Six Siege will only end up making the game unnecessarily complex. The creative storytelling team will have to explain how a Spetsnaz and FBI operator became friends and so on. Moreover, I don't think players are interested in knowing all these stories. But, we don't know if Ubisoft has a bigger picture in mind.

As stated by Ubisoft, the company is seemingly keeping up with the promise with its latest YouTube release, an anime-style Nighthaven Collection Trailer. Now, what is Nighthaven you might ask? Nighthaven is a private military company that was founded and is currently led by Kali. After learning about Nighthaven's successful feat of hijacking a super tank, the private military company was invited to join Rainbow Six. After realizing Nighthaven's incredible potential, Rainbow Six decided to hire the company before any opposing organization hires them. However, not everybody at Rainbow Six is happy about this decision since the two Nighthaven mercenaries make a gigantic sum of money in comparison to the remaining Rainbow Six operators.

It's really nice to see that instead of creating realistic CGI movies, Ubisoft went with a cartoonish approach to narrate a small Nighthaven story. The Nighthaven trailer not only introduces the promised story elements to the game, but also promotes the brand-new premium collection of Nighthaven cosmetics. The premium cosmetic collection is available for purchase until January 6 and offers 18 cosmetic items for Rook, Mute, Alibi, IQ, Jackal, and Fuze. The packs can be purchased for 300 R6 credits or 12500 Renown. Additionally, all players will receive one free Nighthaven pack if they log in to the game before January 6.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of the Nighthaven cosmetics? Do you think these short story videos are interesting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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