Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Demon Veil Brings Several Tweaks and Improvements

Demon Veil
Demon Veil Ubisoft

The upcoming season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is bringing a whole lot of content to the game. Operation Demon Veil season is adding a new defending operator, a new map, and a permanent game mode. You can expect several balancing changes as well.

The developer has already revealed the patch notes for the season. Here, we will cover all the other tweaks and improvements to be made for the game.

The fan-favorite Year Pass is coming back. It will give you access to four Year 7 Battle Passes and all Year 7 operators when they launch. You will also get four headgears and uniforms. The melee animation is changed to better match in-game hit detection. The Bank map will be replaced by Chalet in the newcomer playlist. Check out the other changes below.


Year 7 Premium Pass
  • Back by popular demand, the premium Year 7 Pass will be available to purchase, granting access to the following benefits and VIP perks:
    • Unlock the first 20 tiers on each Year 7 Battle Pass as part of the Premium Bundles
    • An exclusive Exotic Weapon Skin for the MPX
    • Exclusive Valkyrie Byte Set
    • Ash Chilled Bundle
    • 14-day early access to each season's new Operator
    • 30% bonus Battle Points (not applied to Challenges or Achievements)
    • Persistent Challenges
Replay Compatibility
  • Replays are now compatible through the entire season and will not be deleted when patches or hotfixes are released.
  • Replays will be available to play back until the final day of the season.
Customizable Ability Skins
  • Players are now able to choose between different ability skins that they own as long as they are both owned and belong to the same Operator.
Gadget and Ability Models
  • Updated the model of Ela's Grzmot Mine to display an LED when armed that matches the player's Team Colors choice.
  • Changed the model of the Breach Charge to display an LED that matches the player's Team Colors choice.
Speech to Text
  • New option to enable Speech to Text functionality added to the Options menu.
Operator Models
  • Improved the facial animation rigs, shaders, and meshes used on current and future Operators.
Match Timer
  • Match timer will now display times with milliseconds included during the last 10 seconds of the Action Phase.
HUD Adjustment in Support Mode
  • Added ability/gadget status to player portrait when spectating in Support Mode and removed KDA.
Griefing and Players Disconnecting
  • Harmful gadgets no longer damage players if the player who threw them disconnects, preventing toxic players from exploiting disconnections to grief and avoid sanctions.

The complete patch notes are available on the official site.

So what do you think? Are you excited about any of these changes? Have you been playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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