Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Demon Veil Bringing New Map, TDM Mode, and Gameplay Tweaks

Demon Veil
Demon Veil Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will soon get tons of content for free. The upcoming season - Operation Demon Veil - will launch on all platforms in a couple of weeks. It will bring a new operator, new features, balancing changes, and more.

This time, instead of a map rework, we are getting a brand-new one. The last time we received a new map was back in December 2018. It was named Fortress released during Operation Wind Bastion.

Emerald Plains
Emerald Plains Ubisoft

New Map: Emerald Plains

The upcoming map is called Emerald Plains set in the countryside of Ireland. Unfortunately, the map won’t arrive until the new season launches, so expect that mid-season everyone. I can’t help but notice that the new map does remind me a bit of the Bartlett University Map.

New Mode: Team Death Match

After so many years, we are finally getting a new game mode. The highly demanded Team Death Match mode is being added to R6 Siege. It will be a 5v5 mode with unlimited respawns, and players won’t be able to use any gadgets except one Impact Grenade or one Stun Grenade.

The first team to reach 75 kills or the highest kills during a set period will win the match. There will be no leave penalty. This mode will be permanent and is perfect for a quick warm-up.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • All Attackers can change their Operator and loadout in addition to spawn location during Preparation Phase.
  • Attacker Repick is available in all modes.
  • Sixth-Pick and Reveal Phase are removed from Custom Match settings options.
  • All weapon sights have been renamed and reorganized.
  • All weapons get all sights of their given optical levels (weapons previously without 2.5x do not receive 2.5x sights).
  • Replaced all instances of Low Red Dot with High Red Dot to minimize vision obstruction.
  • Defenders' cameras (from Valkyrie, Maestro, and Bulletproof cams) and Defenders' drones (from Echo and Mozzie) placed outside disconnect 10 seconds after being placed.

The upcoming season will bring many other changes. You can read the Y1S1 Pre-Season Designer’s Notes via the official site. You can also know more about the upcoming operator via our previous article.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the new map? Or do you prefer reworks of old maps instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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