Rainbow Six Siege Nerfs Ying, Updates Battleye, And More

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Ubisoft finally rolled out a patch to fix Ying’s candelas, MMR rollback issues, and some gameplay bugs. Now, Ying will only have three Candelas. Ying has always been a strong operator since her launch during Operation Blood Orchid. She comes packed with an amazing gun with an insanely strong utility called Candelas. When Ying was released, she was the most meta changing operator as her ability allowed her to flash the entire section of a map, and she wouldn’t be affected by the flashes.

Rainbow Six Siege is going through one of its worst phases right now, with the ongoing crisis of cheaters/hackers and multiple bugs that make the game almost unplayable. Ubisoft is finally starting to take action by implementing some changes for hacking, cheating, and lobby freezing. Unfortunately, most of the fixes for the issues will come in Y5S2 of Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft did release some minor issue fixes such as:

  • Unintended Abandon Sanctions Bug
  • Incomplete Teams at the Start of Ranked Games Bug
  • Battle Pass "Coming Soon" Completed Community Challenges Bug
  • MMR Rollback Popup Bug

The best part of the patch notes is that Ubisoft mentioned the developers are going to improve Battleye. Their plan is to upgrade their connection with Battleye and keep track of the number of reports a player gets so Ubisoft can take a look into it. Another big issue with the game is lobby freezing. This is when cheaters freeze the lobby so that it doesn’t load for hours. This is becoming very common. The cheaters will make you leave the lobby so that they get the ELO for the game when your team backs out of the match. In the future, Battleye will detect this and automatically kick players.

So, what are your thoughts on the new Rainbow Six Siege update? Did you experience any of the bugs yourself? Are you having a bad time playing the game? Personally, I would suggest not playing ranked until the current pandemic is over. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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