Rainbow Six Siege LATAM Stage 2 Playday 2 Results Are Out

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R6 LATAM Playday 15
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Rainbow Six Siege's LATAM League 2020 stage two concluded its second playday and the results are here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The LATAM League had some really exciting matches to watch this week, with all the matches played as a best of two format.

The best matchup for the second playday was between Team Liquid and SANTOS. The first map was played on Theme Park, which is a defender-sided map. The score went 7-1 in the favor of Liquid, with Liquid dominating 6-0 on their defending side. It was not surprising to see Liquid fragging out against SANTOS, even on the attacks, as they didn’t even bother planting once. The second map was played on Consulate, which was pretty fun to watch. Both teams brought new strategies to the map, but in the end, it came down to Liquid winning their gunfights. Liquid won the second map with a 7-4 scoreline.

Another exciting match to watch was between INTZ and Black Dragons. The first map was played on Kafe Dostoyevsky, which is a defender-sided map. Black Dragons took the first five rounds on their defense and INTZ followed by taking the next five on their defense. Black Dragons were able to pull out an insane rush strategy that caught INTZ off-guard and gave an advantage to Black Dragons. The first map went 7-5 in the favor of Black Dragons, who barely won it.

The second map was played on Oregon and went pretty similar in terms of score to the first map. INTZ was able to win their defenses, which gave them a 5-1 lead. The Black Dragons started to change the momentum on their defense, but INTZ fragged their way through the map. This allowed INTZ to take the map with a 7-4 scoreline.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege’s LATAM League 2020 stage two, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing LATAM League 2020 stage two for Rainbow Six Siege? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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