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Rainbow Six Siege is known for its constant updates that try to keep the game fresh. These updates also bring several in-game events that act as a breather from your normal sweaty ranked matches. Previously, Siege developers have released some really cool events like Showdown, Rainbow is Magic, and Doktor’s Curse. Now, you can add one more to the list.

Today, Siege added a new event called the Grand Larceny Event, which will run for two weeks. The event started on May 6, so it should end on May 20, unless the developers decide otherwise. The new mode takes place in the Hereford Base map, and we mean the cool older one, not the boring new one. The event gives the map a small overhaul, and it looks like Ubisoft took it straight out of the TV series Peaky Blinders. The map is very destructible. You can destroy a major portion of the roof and floor.

Only a few selected operators are available and they will all come equipped shotguns. However, your gadgets and abilities are still present. The new mode doesn’t have Bomb or Hostage mode, as there are these money safes which Attackers will try to crack and steal what’s inside. They will have to open a total of three safes in order to win, or just kill everyone on the Defender side. Defenders will have to keep the safes... well... safe, or kill the enemy team if they want to win. More information about the event is available on the official Ubisoft site.

The event also adds new cosmetics which you can equip to your Operator and their weapons. There are a total of 31 items that can be purchased for 12500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits each. You can obtain a couple of them by completing Event challenges. I'm not going to lie, the new skins make Warden look real cool. I might actually main him just because of the skin.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the Grand Larceny Event? Have you played any rounds yet? Do you prefer Ranked? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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