Rainbow Six Siege EU Mini Major Finals Results Are Here

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R6 Mini Major Winners
R6 Mini Major Winners Twitter user Carophotographi

Rainbow Six Siege's EU Mini Major 2020 just concluded its final playday and the results are here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The EU Mini Major had some really exciting maps to watch this playday, with the finals being played in a best-of-five format.

The final match for the EU Mini Major was between Team BDS and G2 Esports. The first match was played on Villa, which is a very utility-heavy map. Both teams are very well versed with this map and have also played each other multiple times in previous tournaments. The first map went extremely close, with a final score of 8-7 in the favor of G2. Everyone on G2 played extremely well and coordinated. This victory meant that G2 only needed one more map to take the series, as they had a winner bracket advantage.

The second map was played out on Oregon, which is a strategy-heavy map. The score went 7-3 in the favor of BDS, with BDS showing their dominance on this map. The operator picks made the game very interesting to watch as we got to see a lot of rounds with Clash and Monty.

The third map was played on Kafe Dostoyevsky, which is another strategy-heavy map. The score went 7-5 in favor of BDS. BDS had a tough time countering G2’s Mira setup for Kafe, but they were able to outfrag their opponents, which led them to their victory. This match meant BDS had one chance to do a reverse sweep or lose the series after coming this far.

The final map was played on Clubhouse, which is a map that is super linear. This map would decide who took the spot for the major and won the finals. The bans were the most interesting part of the game, as both Thatcher and Maverick were banned in the final match. Usually banning Thatcher and Maverick on Clubhouse would make the game super defender-sided, but G2 lost many defending rounds, which made the match easier for BDS. The final map was taken by BDS with a 7-4 scoreline, completing their reverse sweep.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege’s EU Mini Major 2020, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing EU Mini Major 2020 for Rainbow Six Siege? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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