Rainbow Six Siege: All Major Changes In Oregon Rework

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Rainbow Six Siege
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Year 5 Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege, Void Edge, has finally hit Test Servers. The update has added two new operators, made several balancing changes and reworked the fan-favorite map Oregon. Oregon was one of the original maps in the game and was loved for its simplicity. However, the Siege devs decided to make some tweaks to make sure it doesn’t get too stale.

Here are all the major changes to Oregon as of right now:

First Floor has been revamped a little. The white stairs now extend all the way to the basement, and a new corridor has been added that is adjacent to the Meeting Room which connects Big Tower to the Kitchen. The position of the Dining Room door has been changed, and the new door now connects Small Tower to the Dining Room.

Second Floor also saw some tweaks. The Kids Room now connects to the Attic, one more room has been added in the small tower to make it more defender friendly, Dorms is now overhauled, and the large window in Dorms is repositioned. Attic has been expanded and Oregon’s exterior now has an additional window.

Bottom Floor saw the most changes from to the rework. The middle part of the basement (Laundry Room, Storage, and Construction) has been changed drastically, there is only one hatch in the meeting room instead of two. Laundry hatch has been repositioned. A new staircase was added that connects the Basement to the west side of the map. Now the bottom floor has three staircases instead of two.

This rework is beneficial to attackers, which makes sense as previously the map was extremely defender friendly and with this rework the devs wanted to even the odds. The updated map will hit the main build in a few weeks.

So what do you think? Do you like the new reworked Oregon? Or do you prefer the original map? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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