Rage 2 Launching TerrorMania Expansion On November 14

New expansion is almost here.
New expansion is almost here. Bethesda

Rage 2 announced that its second expansion, TerrorMania, is scheduled launch on November 14. The expansion introduces the cursed and twisted alternate reality known as Deadlands. While the gateway to this alternate dimension may have been opened by some hapless Goon, it's up to Ranger Walker to close it before the inhabitants of Deadlands find a way to the real world.

As an alternate world, players are going to experience warped versions of many familiar locations like Overgrown City and Wellspring. However, there are also new areas to explore like the Hospital and Floating Islands. The goal is ultimately to close the gate by tracking down fragments of the shattered NecroDisc.

The TerrorMania expansion introduces to the game:

  • New Location: The Deadlands
    • Get to explore an alternate version of the wasteland.
    • Once the DLC story is completed, players can then return to each location in the Deadlands and experience them again.
  • New Enemy: Army of the Dead
    • Square off against the undead versions of familiar factions like the Goon Squad, Immortal Shrouded, River Hogs and Abadon Muties.
  • New Weapon: Sword of Transitus
    • The Wasteland Wizard always makes it a point to say how the sword is an ancient relic of unspeakable power that can open pathways between worlds. Then again, it's also a cool weapon you can stab enemies with.

TerrorMania is going to be available to all platforms and can be downloaded from the in-game store for 500 RAGE Coins ($5). Players can also get the Digital Deluxe Upgrade for 1750 RAGE Coins ($17.50). The Digital Deluxe Upgrade includes:

  • Rage 2: TerrorMania expansion
  • Cult of the Death God mission
  • Reaper Assault Rifle weapon skin
  • Wasteland Celebrity Phoenix vehicle skin
  • Mutant Monster Truck vehicle skin

Serving as a sequel to Rage, first-person shooter Rage 2 was released on May 14. In the game, players take the role of Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland. Players are given control on Walker's attributes like skills, attires, and even gender. Aside from having Walker deal damage to enemies, the game also features vehicular combat which include buggies, trucks, and gyrocopters.

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